Things In The Comic Your Son Drew That Suggest He May Be A Future Gaylord:
1)Features a unicorn(s).

2) The hero of his comic doesn’t have a gore-smeared battle-ax or blood-soaked sword, but a fancy-pants bow and arrow or uses magic.

2.2) And a whistle with which to call unicorn(s) to his aid.

3) If your son is pre-pubescent: Hero has gossamer wings and what can only be described  as a simple but elegant one-piece robe/caftan. Admire it’s clean lines.

4) If your son has reached puberty: Hero has bare chest – which is how even straight teens doodle their Heroes – but the Hero with also have nipples. If he was drawn with nipples and chest-hair, your son will also be a future Bear or S&M’er.

5) The hero’s sidekick is female, and as much effort is put into drawing her hair as is her rack.

6) Did we mention the Unicorn Whistle? Critters comment is worth repeating:”Oh, I get it. The character was about to say what he’s going to name his unicorn but that skinny dildo fell into his mouth. What a cliff hanger!”
Archer 1 Archer 2 Archer 3 Archer 4To Be Continued!


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