Sorry for being absent the last few days – the system was down, but the patient and kind and handsome Bucci cobbled it together again. To that, I’ve been told it’s time to move to a different server. Worried about losing all the comics and comments form y’all, but the up might be a site much easier to navigate.                  So… we have a Conservative majority, eh?  Interesting, in a Chinese, “may you live in interesting times” sort of interesting.  What are the odds Harper is chomping at the bit to make big changes after being stymied for 4 years?  Pretty good, I’d say.   S’okay – I’ve always wanted to lob a brick through a window during a riot – which I’ll get to do if he screws with my rights.            Hm… what a smooth transition into our cartoon. Thusly….

War Council: Roots VII

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