3 comments on “The Skeptical Society of Sodomites

  • Hi Tyler, always look forward to reading your comics but have been sensing a soap box preaching about issues you bring up in the skeptical society pages.
    Vaccines, alternative medicine, acupuncture, and even questioning of 9-11 are all being poked fun at in a poignant way. Taking on big pharma’s protectionist attitudes is a heavy topic.
    What is your agenda? It sounds like serious topics even though you’ve thrown in modeling coaching and homo hangout absentee lies that make the lot seem glib.
    I always have time for skeptics opinions to balance or challenge the status quo as that’s the only way we find out aspartame in diet drinks is bad for you and acupuncture can be a viable option that’s good for you.
    I’m going to assume you are playing devil’s advocate to encourage healthy debate. I know your comic is not there just to be comical.

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