However you’ve found yourself here – whether semi-regularly or just this once –  I just love the crap outta you for showing up.  For real.  Cartooning is WAY MORE WORK than I ever imagined, and I send these often-rough, occasionally indecipherable babies out into the ether with no way to know how it was received.
That’s where my unsolicited declaration of love comes in.  When I DO hear back from you in person, or that you came here, left a comment, or just fapped to the Phog, it makes me enjoy more what I already love doing.  Thank you again, and wishing you a merry christmas.
As I polish off part 2 of this two-parter, the whole thing seemed to make less sense than it did at the time, so you’re on your own to learn whatever moral you can tweeze out.  There’s a few, I think….
Oh well, it was fun to draw Henkl’s crown and that castle.

Time constraints (which actually means my crap organizational skills) meant I restricted the cartoon to 6 panels, but it was nice to stretch out a bit…
To see this in its full-sized glory, please click on the cartoon, then click again on the new image to enlarge further….220 Xmas Fable

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