Hm.  If you haven’t caught on by now, it should be pretty obvious after this particular cartoon that I’m basing a big part of the stories from the last 4 months on my experiences with losing my Dad a few years ago.  My good friend lost his brother about the same time, and we talked about how by the time you reach your mid-thirties, you’ve experienced most of life’s major experiences once or twice. But not this.  Loss, sure – of Grandparents, much-loved pets, maybe even an Aunt or classmate, but not a loss that you staggered under the weight of – a grief that left you alternately numb for days or crying so hard it recalls to you the surrender you had to it as a kid.       So, a lot to think slowly over in the wake of something like that: what constitutes a legacy, how do you go about dying well, or dealing with death?  Also, how the family circle often closes up again at time like this, or just as you get out of the fierce, flailing independence of your 20’s and begin to appreciate your roots again.  It’s a cartoon I needed to do – dunno why, but I did.  It found me writing the script for it, sitting in the middle of the Vancouver Public Library and blubbering my ass off as I wrote – Japanese students trying to save my face by averting their eyes as they walked by.  Hope I did it justice – though I don’t think I ever could, really.

Terrible Beauty: Roots VIII

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