215 Self-ConciousNot my very favourite, and, as usual, the cartoon suffers for the format/lay-out I have to fit it into. but holy hell is this me.  Had to safeguard my liver at one point in my life, and did I ever feel shy without a beer in my hand.  Social lubricant indeed.

One thought on “Self-Conscious Bar Patron Magazine

  • Counter point to your disclaimer…

    Like this one.

    For years I’ve gone into a bar/club only once a year…on Pride.

    I’ve always spent Pride with three close friends It’s become a tradition;breakfast at my place,then parade and booths/open stage at the beach, go to the bar and then get food,either Indian or Greek. Originally the bar was The Royal and then The Pump Jack or 1181. I’m with my friends..its fun. But a couple of years ago I decided I wanted to start going out again. Most of the time…it’s on my own. But that didn’t bother me, I’d always gone out on my own. I thought the Pump Jack was a friendly demographic but I wasn’t prepared for how difficult it would be. Never been socially adept. In fact it only takes me minutes to make whoever approaches me or whoever I approach feel uncomfortable. (It didn’t matter much when I was young and out on my own, guys were undaunted… I certainly didn’t appreciate the attention I got). At first I pretty much entered, walked around, used the toilet and left. Then I worked up to having a drink which I choked down as quickly as possible before leaving. I don’t have panic attacks anymore but I still feel this strange combination of feeling noticed and ignored,conspicuous and invisible, mysterious and banal.

    Thanks for this one.

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