When tourists fed the bears in our National Parks and were mauled and harrassed , we banned feeding bears – we didn’t wheel a buffet up to them.
When avalanches buried skiers and snowmobilers too often, we created a system to measure┬áthe danger and preemptively caused the avalanches to occur using TNT – we didn’t seed the clouds with calcium chloride to create more snow.
When chimps were kept as pets, escaped, and ripped the faces off people; when tigers in suburbs escaped and shut down whole cities, we did not crossbreed them to create some apex suburban people-mauler (a Chiger? Timpanze?) – we banned the ownership of exotic pets.
That time Mom told me not to touch the fireplace and then I did and then I had a burnt, throbbing hand, I didn’t keep my hand in the fire and pour gasoline on it to solve the problem – I learned from my mistake.
Assault rifles – banning all, not buying more, is the solution.
You retards.

Night of the Atheist Squad

2 comments on “Night of the Atheist Squad

  • I have not seen your work here…… yet, it is Alberta after all !
    I sent it as a result of your family “positioning” on earlier religious or lack there of postings. It is so important to challenge the notion of what religion means. I was also aware of your atheist squad…. friggen brilliant btw. The mind is like a parachute and functions best when open. So many packed parachutes out there that deny the realities and our own real choices in our magic world. It burns me Tyler when some families reject their gay or athiest family members. That or try to scare them or confirm their beliefs upon them.
    So a pet peeve of mine Tyler, I have helped hundreds of men come OUT. I have cleared their tears and hugged them tight so they find the courage live a life free of restraint, obligation and denial ! After all hon, we only get 1000 months er so to live, we sleep 1/3 of that, ya better make the rest count.
    On a side note, I have been asked to speak to a group of Athiests on the subject of “coming out” No coming out gay but coming out as an athiest….. fascinating or what. They face the same degree…if not worse or guilt shame and ridicule. Never dawned on me till they asked me?????

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