Shazbot – and Rest in Peace, Mr. Williams.
Never understood the judgement or anger at suicides – sadly, in the end, it’s not unlike someone with a terminal illness – they just want the pain to end – for most, they’re seeking some sort of peace, despite the resulting grief for the people that love them.
When I was hospitalized with a We-Can’t-Diagnosis-The-Problem-But-You’re-Probably-Going-To-Die illness, I remember thinking I’d rather go through it again than my worst previous depressive episode.
Hmm… for those who haven’t seen me at my Mid-January-Comatose-Finest, then I just outed myself as a guy that fends off S.A.D. every winter. If anything, maybe his suicide will further the discussion, and remind people that it’s verrry different than “the Blues”.

For ages, wanted to do a cartoon about it, but the subject really doesn’t lend itself to a cartoon strip, does it? Finally got one done here… it’s the only one in this group that even attempts to be arty….

Li'l Brothers VI: True Tales

5 comments on “Li’l Brothers VI: True Tales

  • Depression is very very different than’the blues’
    Everyone knows someone who has struggled. I’ve struggled for years, we both have friends who’ve struggled. I’ve lost friends to it.
    It’s still an extremely misunderstood and stigmatized illness…yes it is an illness.
    That’s what people need to know, it is an illness.
    And even though someone may appear more than content, that black hole still resides under the surface.
    It’s tragic that such an incredibly talented man, who struggled openly with addiction for years, finally gave in.
    But if it brings this conversation into people’s living rooms, coffee shops, consciousness….at the very least something positive can be gained.

  • I, quite by accident, ended up on Hollywood Blvd. today while running errands. Normally don’t “visit” with stars on the boulevard after they pass, but the outpouring of love and sympathy for Robin Williams is immense, and tells me that not only did he touch people in life, the tragic end of his life also resonates with many. I really couldn’t walk past this site…

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