For two years after my dad died, I went over in my head the eulogy I gave at his funeral.  I’d wanted to do him justice so badly, but felt the end of my tribute was not what I wanted it to be.  Pete’s brief eulogy is the postscript to my own, four years ago last week.

Good-Bye.  Roots XXXII

2 comments on “Good-Bye. Roots XXXII

  • Now I’m crying at my desk. Beautifully done.

    Just one thing surprised me, though. I didn’t know that Myles had dated someone seriously for three years and been dumped prior to meeting Ian.

  • Myle’s experience is, of course, mine. The little guy’s personality is often neglected, and I was a blank what he’d think about the funeral, so I told a little story to try’n mix it up.

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