Although I like the idea behind this one, the execution of the first part leaves something to be desire, I’m afraid.  I blame it on my oldest of enemies – lack of space.  I used images from the awesome monster battles I have with my niece, but the creatures are so tiny here, it’s all just a bit cramped and muddy instead of wacky and funny.  Can hardly recognize the worst monster in panel #2, Fred Phelps.    Ah well, I liked the dialogue between Araminty and Dez at least….    Like so much in this current story-line, the Black Pig of Fear is real, and that’s a photo of it.  I usually wait til my friend is quite messy on something or other before they met it for the first time – holding it in their hand, it’s beady white eyes burning two holes in their soul, while I make soft piggy noises in their ear.  Guess you hafta be there, but it’s made grown man-girls weep in terror…..

Demons & Dykes: Roots IX

2 comments on “Demons & Dykes: Roots IX

  • “There’s something coming out of a cow! And I think it’s another cow!!” may be the best line of dialogue ever from this comic. Love it!!

  • I don’t mind the volume crammed into the available space. Makes it a narrative rather than a simply a quick glance-through along with all of the other one-liner ads and comics that we’re barraged with. And I have dropped in on the lads fairly regularly over the past few years and do notice the evolution.

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