Summer over, I can look back and deconstruct it, label and name it.  One of the stranger summers in a while, I’ve dubbed it the following: The Summer of Paul, The Psychedelic Summer, Summer of the Cabin, and lastly, The Summer of Doubt.    The other Summer Labels aside, drama from this summer left me wishing for a cerebral enema, something to flush out my thought process so I could look at it with new eyes.  Maybe insight from a friend, or meditation…or a transformative psychedelic trip would be fine…  Quite by accident (long story), I got my wish, and came out of the other side of the experience feeling soothed and husked-out of previous baggage, as only those rare, deep trips can do.

It got me to thinking of another amazing experience I had back in ’97, and coinciding with this was the desire to do more quiet ones after the cramped comics of the last 6 months.

Curious to see if I could, here’s the result of me trying to convey a vision I once had.

146 '15 Cabin Fever

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