…and nothing screams Christmas like a giant pubic louse!
Some of the cartoons I did in 2013  were muddled or fell flat, but some of my favourites were done this year too, like “Gaseous Freedom” http://brotherhoodworld.com/comics/gaseous-freedom/, or “Oldageddon”  http://brotherhoodworld.com/comics/oldageddon-part-i/
The S.T.I. Squad falls into this category – a nice way to round off the year.
Also!  My 200th episode is coming up. My vancouver paper, Xtra, is kindly giving me a cover, double-sized cartoon, and a two-page spread which includes my own characters interviewing me, and a giant group shot of all the heroes and villains over the last 8 years – a shitload of work, but pretty cool.  It’ll be in the first paper of the year.

A Stomach-Turning Smiting from the S.T.I. Squad!!

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