So, here it is: The End, of sorts.  It used to drive me crazy when series ended ambiguously, but I see the inevitability and the appeal.  They’ve become so integrated into my days that I can’t help but let their story continue – though it’ll be off the page.
With school and a too-quick dissolution of the paper, I didn’t have time to stage a proper send-off.  Sometimes life is like that.  This is a different version than the one published in Xtra, it leaves more even odds for a Future Ecotopia, versus a Theocracy.
Not much else to say, so I won’t say much. Three binders of adventures left un-adventured.Had a huuuge Time/Pan-Dimensional Epic written out for them – maybe when I graduate from training and am not nostril-deep in studies, which will be all-devouring for the next 17 months, then a new Practice, so no real opportunity to find some new Man-Cave for them.
I suspect, like with a good friend, a shift of circumstances a couple inches either way is enough to spin you out of each other’s orbit.
Glad I’m too overwhelmed with other complications to think on your departure much, Fellas.
Yes, I’m publicly whining. Too fried to write a lovely farewell soliloquy, but those li’l ink and photoshop-paint guys know I… I lo… I’m vaguely fond of them…
This website stays up, by the way – there’s to much other randomness I want to share….
To see this thing in full-sized glory, please click on the cartoon, then click again on the new image to enlarge further….224 End Revised The End Pt 1

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