Gosh, this has to be the 3rd guest appearance of The Black Pig of Fear – but his first to really shine. The Black Pig of Fear (a.k.a The Fear, The Sow of the Downward Spiral), which squats and stares unblinking at you whenever you’re partying with friends and start to think of things best left unthought.
He usually shows up at a raucous outing when you’re the one being the sorta-excessive Life of the Party. Teenagers, the broken-hearted, and the chronically-uptight are his favourite prey. Though he can visit your bedroom at 3a.m on a sleepless night, or during a longed-for date, The Pig far prefers his Host’s mind to be fuzzy.
Thankfully, he can only get you when you’ve overindulged in your particular social lubricant – rye, tequila, girly drinks, and most illicit substances are particularly risky.
You’ll have that momentary worry about how something you said sounded, or spot an ex across the room, and suddenly you realize the Fear Pig’s sitting just behind you, plump with paranoia, self-consciousness, self-doubt, and that Johnny No-Friends feeling.
Sometimes he shows up a day or two after the end of a long-weekend or single epic Saturday night, but within 90 minutes of starting your night, or as the night winds down are the most common times he’ll sink his teeth into you.
Either way, when The Black Pig of Fear is biting your ass at the club, house party, or campfire, every glance in your direction seems to loaded with meaning (probably annoyance or distain), in every conversation you’re pretty sure you came across as boring and awkward, or they were totally able to tell you were smashed.
Worse, you can’t get any of your thoughts properly organized enough to come out of your mouth, so these other Black Piggy thoughts are showing up, making you want to hide in the bathroom stall or under the pile of guests’ coats on the bed or in your tent – depending where you are.
Soothing words from a hippy buddy or maternal girlfriend can chase him off, but inoculation is also possible, using the totem in this pic during a ceremony dating back to 2001….
Those that’ve met the actual plastic totem during the  Black Pig of Fear Desensitization Experience were either shaken, baffled, laughing, or laughing and calling me an idiot – but all will have a reminder to hold it together when next they feel his beady eyes focus on them…..

He was first mentioned During Myle’s meth addiction (# 86, April 2009:   http://brotherhoodworld.com/comics/209/  )  and then again in 2011: http://brotherhoodworld.com/comics/demons-dykes-roots-ix/

All of the trips chronicled here are fates that befell me or friends over the years, the classic story being Henkl’s three friends visiting from Trinidad who knew not the dangers of pot cookies, and gobbled them like chocolate-covered almonds.  This cartoon involves my favourite thing – when I can just collect the stupid or mean or funny things my friends have said over the years, and collage them into a story.

Full credits go to the residents of Tanglewood manor.

True Tales of Traumatic Tripping

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